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Wonton of the Day

Smoked Duck with Blackberry Cream Ale Beer Jelly

Smoke Gouda & Sausage

Goat Cheese & Dates with Hot Honey

Afterburner Bites

fried chicken bites, Afterburner sauce, blue cheese crumbles, ranch drizzle

Cheese Curds

Wisconsin cheese curds, marinara

Potato Puffs

buttermilk ranch 

HPB Fries

wedge fries, HPB salt, HPB fry sauce


Steve McQueen

pastrami, sauerkraut, Flat Hat remoulade, havarti, wheat berry bread, HPB beer pickles, fries 

Dirty Hadley

bacon, goat cheese, Blackberry Cream Ale beer jelly, Swiss cheese, wheat berry bread, HPB fries 

Jammin Chicken

blackened chicken, grilled pineapple, bacon jam, havarti, garlic aioli, pretzel bun 

Gyro Philly

grilled gyro meat, house hoagie, lettuce, onion, tzatziki, fries 

Pimento Cheese

Blackberry Cream Ale beer jelly, croissant, fries


Hook Point Salad

mixed greens, cranberries, bacon, goat cheese, red onions, Blackberry Cream Ale vinaigrette 



Inky Barley chocolate sauce

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